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Do NOT let the Pirates Onboard!

PiratesShip_FinalIn his best seller memoir, “Night of the Gun,” David Carr likens addiction to a band of pirates that approach, overtake, and common-deer our ship of life. After the capture, we find our true self is put in chains, tortured, or, learn that the pirates require our very lives.

Carr suggests we defend ourselves. “When the inner pirate in your subcortex is seeking permission to come aboard, consider that if you get through that day (without letting them board) there may be many others. Trust God, not the pirate.”

Pirates have achieved a renewed, mischievous sort of respect in our culture. On Halloween we costume ourselves in their gear, and who does not enjoy the “Talk like a Pirate” days? Arrgh! But the Addiction Pirates, we must not befriend. The danger is too great. The cost too high.

Defending against them is not easy. Awareness is a good place to start. The sooner we can recognize the pirates in the distance the more defense options we have. Our greatest power is when they are still just a dot on our horizon, when they are alongside, they are a formidable foe and we are not in a position of strength.

We should have a weapons cache devoted to defending against the pirates. These weapons crafted from Recovery Skills are the core of our defenses. We must practice and become expert in their use. After all, the pirates are ruthless and completely unconcerned about our well being.

Pirates don’t care about the hurt or loss of families, the loss of faith or jobs, the annihilation of self respect or even our position in the community. All are of no consequence to pirates. Yet, all may be required of us. Life itself, our very existence is too often, in the hands of the pirates.

Don’t let them onboard!

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